Professionals for a Decentralized Future

Infinite Life Advisors are sustainable living experts who provide education, coaching, and consulting for households transitioning to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. We pull from a wide variety of traditional skills and modern sciences to provide the seed of life without limit on our plant.

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About Infinite Life Advisors

Our organization was founded on the idea that a move toward decentralized production and increased self-reliance benefits both the plant and society by disincentivizing over consumption and developing more resilient institutions.

Education and Outreach

Our primary goal is to spread the message of sustainable living though a variety of teaching methods.

Individual Coaching

Our advisors offer one on one support with individuals and families transitioning toward sustainability.

Consulting Services

Thirdly, our advisors offer technical consultation services aimed to assist clients in developing and improving their self-sufficient homes and communities.

A Message from the Founder

“When I founded Infinite Life Advisors, I was responding to a need felt widely in the American public and around the world. This need is not often completely understood by those who feel it, but it is often expressed.”

“What I saw is that people crave a sense of purpose and stability that has been lost in the hustle of exponential growth. Parents want clean air and water for their children, and their children's children. In short, we need to move up to a whole new way of life.”

“Infinite Life Advisors' goal is to amass the skills and knowledge necessary to build a new, decentralized society that is both more stable, less wasteful, and deeply meaningful. Our method is a grassroots method, that seeks to empower individuals to improve society, rather governments or corporations.”

Join the Fight!

Infinite Life Advisors is seeking interested individuals to help progress the cause of sustainability through natural building, local food production, and permaculture design methods.

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